Study Abroad

In March of 2005, three TCU percussion students traveled to London to audition for entrance into the Royal Academy of Music. This was a major step in developing a relationship between TCU and the Royal Academy. Currently TCU students have many possibilities for studying abroad. However, music students do not fully take advantage of this possibility due to the limited musical experiences while abroad. TCU School of Music Director Richard C. Gipson has worked to add a music component to the London Centre experience by involving the Royal Academy of Music. The trip in the spring of 2005 was a major step towards achieving this goal.

The percussionists that traveled to London were Manny Arciniega (senior MUED/Composition), Darrin Hicks (senior MUED), and Cody White (senior MUED). Dr. Gipson and TCU Coordinator of Percussion Dr. Brian A. West accompanied the students on their trip and helped facilitate the current relationship between TCU and the Royal Academy. While at the Royal Academy, the percussion students had to audition (preparing the graduate level material), take a written and oral theory exam, and interview with several faculty and administrative staff. Due to the limitations the Royal Academy places on studio size, only one TCU percussion student was admitted into the program. In the spring of 2006, Manny Arciniega traveled to London and spent the semester studying music at the Royal Academy while also taking some courses at the TCU London Centre.

We congratulate Manny on this achievement and are excited about this new relationship between TCU and the Royal Academy of Music.