Equipment & Endorsements

Percussion Equipment

The TCU percussion inventory is state of the art and rivals any found across the globe. Highlights from our extensive list of instruments include: 10 Marimba One 5 octave rosewood marimbas (adjustable height), 2 Yamaha 4 1/2 octave marimbas (adjustable height), 4 Yamaha 4 1/3 octave marimbas (adjustable height), 2 Musser 4 1/3 octave marimbas, 10 vibraphones (9 of them Yamaha gold bar adjustable height and 1 Yamaha 4 octave low C vibe), 5 xylophones (4 adjustable height), 5 glockenspiels (including 2 Fall Creek and 1 Yamaha pedal vibe with resonators), 6 octaves of crotales (2 Zildjian and 4 Paiste), 4 sets of chimes (Deagan, Adams, Musser), 2 sets of 5 Adams Cloyd Duff timpani, 1 set of Yamaha timpani, 2 sets of 4 Ludwig timpani, a full set of both concert and marching cymbals (Sabian, Zildjian, and Paiste), 3 sets of concert toms (Yamaha and Pearl), many concert snare drums (including Yamaha, Pearl, Clevelander, Black Swamp, and others), 10 drumsets (Yamaha, Pearl, and Sonor), 3 full sets of marching drums, and a complete set of steel drums (15 pans), and many other Latin and accessory percussion instruments.


The TCU Percussion Studio is proud to be endorsed by the Innovative Percussion, Yamaha, Remo, Marimba One, and Sabian Corporations. These endorsements give TCU students a chance to perform on the latest and best percussion equipment, and to sample products before purchasing them.